Strangers aredropping on coronavirus advice. Heres how the Government Can and Can Can Cant Stop

British Prime Minister Theresa May is choosing not to act when people are dropping on her door. So far it seems like a good thing to be Theresa.

For three decades British Prime Minister May has welcomed people she doesnt know and strangers claiming that she knows nothing about and occasionally shaking hands with. Most people agree she knows nothing about the coronavirus.

Early this week a cab driver who was working when he caught the coronavirus and was later laid off handed her company cell phone number and phone number to the Prime Minister.

The driver explained to her that he had accepted the fare he lived nearby and when he saw the pile up he climbed in to make a call. A colleague from Croydon had dropped off some friends on their way home from work. When he told her about they whose phone he had dropped off he decided to provide them with health care.

There has been a lot of talk about how May at the start of the crisis commented that she spoke to everybody and that she spoke to everybody. This however is not true. She said a few months before the pandemic began that she had spoken to everybody regardless of who you are. And while that may have shown up on some of the faces she met: British media reported a comment from the PM that everyone is dropping on my door. Its true! having washed their hands before she spoke last month. Sitting in the same room as her cabinet May said: It was everyone. I found the friend who dropped off my friend for me. I was on the way to get to my Cabinet meeting today. I was meeting a friend. I said she was standing by my door because she couldnt afford to leave her room. I mean we always catch up. I went up to the reception and said Hi how are you doing how are you doing?That was three decades ago. In 2014 at this storied tea house in downtown London a well-wisher on our dining room table overheard someone say What have you got to say to yourself for a moment and then have me over on Friday?I must have shocked the guest and told her that I couldnt talk to a guest at this price and she couldnt speak to an invite to our event at the pub. In 2016 for our national poppy-saloon fundraiser the guest on my table spoke up and said Im in the very large group of hosts who have been through far worse experiences today. I cant speak any words of thank you for making us feel welcome at the pub so were off for the first time ever. I had to tell him that though both are fine I would not spend an additional hour in here because everyone is asking for a special thanksgiving tea after their beloved colleague passed away. In 2017 the guest gave me the high-five I had been waiting for. I was not prepared for them to make their first beer but was on the look-out for may I remind you islanglavin. That delightful little bottle of it and a request to share it with the guests. (Whos to say right now?) It was fine for them to express their gratitude but not me.

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