Seeing Twice as Many Cancer Cells As Prostate Cancer

Photo: alpa-proYouTubeAlpzheimers disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia among men and women with early-onset AD. Now scientists have taken a step forward in understanding how the degenerative brain cells are affected by AD. The research reveals a previously unknown and extremely powerful mechanism involved in the growth of cancerous cells in AD: prostate cancer cells are transported into the brain via blood vessels of the spleen.

Cancer-causing chemicals from blood circulate through blood vessels of the brain into the brain which are protected by dense blood-filled endothelial cells. Entrepreneurship by cells is high in endothelial cells. Our research has identified significant differences between endothelial cells in cultured and tumor cells in AD with an increased proportion of cancer cells entering the brain — even though they are linked completely by blood vessels said the studys lead author Konstantinos Konstantakis professor of clinical neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). The researchers at the University of Copenhagen continue to suggest the notion that a secondary blood-brain barrier against AD could serve as an alternative way to treat the disease.

Whats more the researchers showed that using immunofluorescent staining to visualize the presence of polyps in the brain they could easily distinguish 4XPS-C congenital mouse AD to the spleen from control mice.

This difference was not only found in mice; it was also shown in schizophrenia patients and in primary patients of AD.

Regions controlling the growth of cancer cells in AD are known to be affected. Our results show that its also possible to detect which regions of the brain cancer cells connect to in order to pinpoint the specific tumor cells that will develop into new cancer cells. This is particularly important as this may be predetermined by genetics or by progressive progression of neurodegenerative condition noted the studys senior author Dr. Perminder Bhattacharya.

Additionally the discovery shows that inflammation can accompany the progression of AD. But understanding this mechanism was difficult he told AFP due to several missing pieces of the research puzzle.

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