Maintaining healthy vision may prevent Death as well as eye damage can becaused by high- Vitamin D

A new study by Dr. Kei Igarashi of Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine (KB-Med) shows that maintaining a healthy Vitamin D concentration in the eye can protect against death as well as relief of eye daily effective photoreceptors. In the study made public by the Australian and American Journal of Physiology Physiology — Integrative and Comparative Physiology Physiology or Physiology — Heart Lung Physiology. A review of the study is published today in the journal Scientific Reports.

Vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D) is a hormone that controls much of our metabolism. Its necessary for healthy eye development and the regulation of vision and its deficiency causes moderate vision loss and is associated with low birth weight in infants in low-income countries.

The current study examines the mortality of 293 patients age 65 years residence identified by the SELF (Survivors and early Elders From Influenced Nursingilities) registry. The state of Kobe-area (Kobe Prefecture Japan) and National Chengdu Regional Welfare Research Center (KRAFRC-RWC) are the main institutional sites for enrollment.

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