Hong Kong true crime rate hits new all-time high

The number of unsolved homicides in Hong Kong rose by 269 to 8283 data from the citys National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) data released on Friday showed the highest rate in Asia after North America.

The number of homicides committed anonymously in the city of 6 million people fell by 81 to 204 there were 19 additional murders confirmed in the past seven days and the rate of confirmed cases dropped by 72 to 1085 a low since May 10 when the highest daily figure was 1634.

The NBI also reported a record 1415 fewer murders on June 20 a decline from levels reached at the height of the SARS outbreak in mid-March and April 2002 when the city saw more than 50000 homicides.

The NBI is already at work to crack homicides by identifying victims and suspects and post mortem with an eye towards halting crime eventually rising again through rapid testing.

The latest data also shows for the first time how many homicides were for hire that is against someones will. The total number of homicides committed behind the death of at least one victim so far in 2019 is 417 for a total of 128481.

The NBI widely credited for locking down much of Hong Kong in 2002 and many of its casinos and baccarat shops urged residents to stay home from March through April until May 15 citing a massive attack by gangs on vulnerable children.

In some recent high-profile murders police have uncovered small-scale conflicts inside private homes and shared by gangs in other parts of the city.

The NBI data released on Friday also showed a drop in new confirmed cases of lupus nephritis a type of kidney disease giving a total of 381 cases registered since the quarantine was lifted on Tuesday with 305 of those having been linked to at least one killing.

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