Screening tools are lifesavers

Screening is paramount to ensuring that Boston Childrens Hospital is meeting the needs of its rapidly expanding area of pediatric cancer care.

In 2006 the Boston Childrens Hospital launched its cancer screening program which offered the most advanced screening technologies and treatments for the children with cancer. In the past Boston Childrens hospital saw positive outcomes from screening.

Many children survive childhood cancer because of the early detection and treatment of cancers in the form of specialized cancer care teams led by world-renowned doctors and scientists who can work together to improve outcomes said Specialist First and Director of the Cancer Center Dr. Shan Lakshman.

The 2017 edition of the Boston Childrens Hospital Safety and Quality Improvement Protocol (CHRP) has now been implemented at CHRP bringing CHRP into a technology arms race with nearby research hospitals.

Uncovering previous research studies Lakshman has conducted clinical trials for diagnostic biomarkers and literature-based research including qIP (quaductidine isotope-pumping test) and qCT (quaductal anesthetic chemo-drug detector). Jannine McGavern CHRPs Chief Financial Officer has led efforts to secure long-term leasing deals with other state and national cancer centers and benefit from an expanded program of exclusive trading discounts with private investments. Further Lakshman helped develop VoterGuide-a Patient-Centered Approach to Patients and Families which is aimed at helping families pay for important medications for their children for decades to come.

The Boston Childrens Hospital system is well-designed for growth and enhances health system capacity as well as serving the needs of a growing and increasingly diverse population of children with cancer said Lakshman. To accomplish this expansion the CHRP needs to move beyond the existing Vision 2025 goals which involve holding a shared critical care strategy goal designed to be a global world-wide community of more than 1600 at Boston Childrens Hospital by partnering with 12 quality-improvement transforming organizations.

Also Lakshman said the new Vision 2025 targets the particular vision of the organizational leadership team the students and caregivers who serve these patients at the end of their life. As such it is important to focus on improving patient comfort convenience and the ability to control medical decisions.

Our shared vision is a system that will unify the knowledge gaps and enable greater user empowerment and access to screening technologies which will also enhance the quality of life for all patients Lakshman added. The vision for CHRP is one that is bringing together a system of exclusive market sharing that will allow for more seamless connecting and communication with the public with driving-oriented treatments that will bring them a higher level of functionality and partner with an exceptional dose of innovative breakthroughs already seen at CHRP.

Lakshman said that focusing on patient comfort and promoting interaction with healthcare team members as well as improved patient access to screening technologies will only be successful at the end of life.

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