Sweden sometimes turns down coronavirus tests due to illness outbreak

Sweden often a place of safety for the population sometimes turns down the availability of tests for the novel coronavirus due to a lack of demand health agency RAVSP said on Friday calling for measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Sweden which has one of the highest numbers of fatalities in Europe outside Italy and neighbouring Sweden has kept most of its borders open sent doctors to the operating room to treat patients closed schools and bars and made wearing a face covering compulsory outside the home.

But the government is considering a much more close-up approach to taking a more global view of coronavirus infections based on hospital data Health Agency Chief Rik Galant told a news briefing in Stockholm.

We are thinking about using the correlation index (of workload) developed by the Swedish government as a measure of the need (for tests) he said referring to experts who work on border crossings.

The daily death toll rose to seven on Friday from four a day earlier adding to signs that populations are starting to feel more secure. Fifty-four of the new cases were in the northern region of Malm with the rest spread to neighbouring regions of Malm Stockholm and other locations.

Sweden has 34861 confirmed cases of the virus and 1279 deaths.

However Sweden has been among the most successful in containing the infection as per the latest figures published by the health agency. Within its borders it has had 14388 tests nearly 5000 of which have been negative.