Penn Medicine Chief Scientific Officer Receives Mentorship From CureVac Foundation

PHILADELPHIA — Imad As-Sani, the current Chief Scientific Officer and director of Penn Medicine’s Center for Advanced Cancer Therapy and Diagnostics, has been awarded a Founder’s Fellow of the CureVac Foundation, “in recognition of his leadership in developing new solutions to match the needs of patients and helped to bridge a rift in the scientific community.”As-Sani, who is a scholar of cancer and co-led the delegates of the inaugural CureVac Foundation general assembly, co-wrote a research letter on why theUS still has to be the “gold standard” for treatments of tumor-forming cells.

Of the 89 delegates sitting on Tuesday, 13 had been recognized by the CureVac Foundation since 2012. The new recipients reflect the combined efforts of members as well as the dedication and expertise of the CureVac Foundation and the As-Sani Institute.

Since 2012, three CureVac Foundation fellows, Siddharth Gokhale, Brian & Cindy Dunleavy, and Jack Hruevk Shete, have received a Fellow of the CureVac Foundation. Ken Cahn, both founders of the As-Sani Institute, has also received a fellow of the CureVac Foundation. The current color of the theoretical leader is green.

“Dr. As-Sani is a master of science who literally cares for and guides patients into breakthroughs in research and treatment of cancer and neuroendocrine tumors alike,” said Charlie North, Provost and CEO of CureVac. “The CureVac Institute enjoys its ongoing pursuit of discovery in offering this rare opportunity to have Professors Charles Asbert of Sioux Falls, MN, and Frank Olson of Fargo, ND, join the Sue-Eagle Foundation® in being recognized as fellows of the CureVac Foundation.