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The Healthier Morgan County Initiative

The Healthier Morgan County Initiative (HMCI) was founded by a group of community members in 2006 with the goal of improving the mental and physical health and well-being of Morgan County residents. HMCI focuses efforts in three areas: healthy living promotion, reduction of chronic disease and access to care.

Areas of Focus

HMCI partners with local, like-minded organizations to establish or continue existing programs in the following five core areas:

Our History

The Healthier Morgan County Initiative (HMCI) was formed in 2006 as a community steering committee to take steps to implement a comprehensive health improvement plan for the residents of Morgan County, Indiana.  HMCI resulted from a study funded by the Kendrick Foundation on the health status of the county and was conducted by the Bowen Institute at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

With the goal of “improving the health and well-being of all…residents,” HMCI initially focused on three areas of program interested:  healthy living promotion, reduction of chronic disease, and access to care.  Leading citizens from Morgan County comprised an oversight committee including volunteers from a variety of fields including representatives from business, local government, public health, medicine, education, social agencies, faith, aged and the underserved.

The Next Chapter

After years with the focus on developing and managing programs, HMCI was structured in 2016 as an independent 501 c 3 organization.  With the reorganization and an elected board of directors, a strategic decision was made to transition to an organization to oversee and incubate programs consistent with its historical goal.  The core areas of interest and focus have been identified as physical activity and nutrition, behavioral health, and youth and older adult health initiatives.  Collaborating with other organizations with a complementary health improvement mission is an ongoing objective of HMCI.