Bud Swisher

Leading the Way

Charles “Bud” Swisher

After graduating from Mooresville High School in 1959, Charles “Bud” Swisher became a prestigious business man and leader.  His most notable achievement was becoming CEO of Kendrick Memorial Hospital in 1979.  In addition to his outstanding business career, Bud became involved with other important programs such as the National Football League Players Association. The Hoosier Trails Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and the Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Bud was appointed to the Indiana State Department Task force for Nutrition and Physical Activity and contributed to the Healthier Morgan County Initiative.  For his community involvement and contributions, Bud Swisher was named Mooresvillian of the Year in 1997.  He was also named to the Mooresville Athletic Hall of Fame in 2000 for his outstanding athletic skills in football, basketball, baseball and track.  Charles “Bud” Swisher has shown that perseverance and hard work are vital to achieving success.

Bud’s Impact

Transforming Healthcare
in Morgan County

Leaders often rise to the surface when things are at their toughest.  In the case of Bud Swisher, his opportunity to lead started came during a critical point in Morgan County’s healthcare landscape.  In the late 60’s , the original Kendrick Hospital was facing the fear of being shut down by the fire marshall.  The hospital needed to rebuild, but the money was not available.

Bud knew the circumstances well.  His mother, Louise, was a surgical assistant by day and bookkeeper at night for the hospital.  Louise helped rally the community behind the cause, while aligning her assets to contribute.  Bud took out a second mortgage to provide to the cause.  Members of the community and patients donated to the new Kendrick Hospital, and a new hospital broke ground.

By now, Bud had done more than most would consider to help the cause.  However, Bud’s impact was far from complete.  After a long career in banking, Bud was ready to move to Florida for the next chapter.  His “tenacious” mother had a better idea.  Louise and Dr. Kendrick convinced Bud to stay and become the Chief Executive Officer for the hospital.

Under Bud’s leadership, Kendrick expanded five times from the original 60 bed clinic and hospital operating at a negative net worth into a $23 Million valuation when the hospital was sold to St. Francis.  In the next chapter of his legacy, Bud used his experience in healthcare to continue impacting the health and wellness of Morgan County residents through the Healthier Morgan County Initiative.