Health Screening & Education

Quality of Life & Wellness Fair

Residents of Morgan County are welcome to come receive free health screenings and check out new ways to personally get involved at the Quality of Life & Wellness Fair. Health screenings and vaccinations are available on the day of the event.

This event is always free for all ages and features door prizes as well. Participants are able to check out the exhibits and booths available during the fair showcasing the variety of activities available to children, teens, adults and seniors in Morgan County.

  • Health & wellness screenings for kids, adults & seniors
  • Giveaways & door prizes, live entertainment & food
  • 50+ booths on healthy living, hobbies, crafts & more
  • Kids Zone featuring kid-friendly activities

Teaching the Importance of Physical Activity

Pounding the Playground

Pounding the Playground is a four-week program that reinforces the importance of physical activity through walking and jogging. Students attending any Morgan County school are encouraged to participate, with a focus on elementary-ages kids.

Students have an opportunity to work on self-motivation, choosing to walk or jog the track during their recess times. Teachers are also encouraged to join the program and set a healthy example for their pupils. The program offers weekly drawings for smaller prizes to keep children excited and active, and the program ends with a grand prize drawing for a few lucky kids who receive a new bicycle.

All participating students are congratulated for their efforts and encouraged to stay active and healthy even after the program ends for a season. Ultimately, everyone who participates wins, as they learn to lead active and healthy lifestyles from a very young age.